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Thread Tracker 117 app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6000 ratings )
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Developer: Touch Screen Craft
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Mar 2011
App size: 17.33 Mb

Thread Tracker 117 is a simple application designed to help you keep track of your DMC Art 117 Threads, it features all 488 colours in the Article 117 range + 36 417 varirgated, including the new Oct 2013 colours. The application allows you to set ownership status of Dont own, Do own, On Bobbin and Need to Buy per thread. Each thread is presented sorted by Code, with the ability to view a detail page which tells you the number, the colour name, a sample of the colour, view and modify the ownership status and view and adjust the amount you own/need to buy. 4 buttons down the bottom of the application allow you to easily filter out/in threads based upon ownership status, allowing you to view only the ones you need to buy, or own easily. A search feature allows you to find threads by their Code.

By setting the Mode on the threads you need to buy to "Need to buy" and then selecting "Dont", "Do" and "Bobbin" so they are in the deselected state, you will be left with a list of the threads you need to buy, hence forming a Shopping List.

Pros and cons of Thread Tracker 117 app for iPhone and iPad

Thread Tracker 117 app good for

This app is fantastic. No more lists in Notes or on pieces of paper that always seem to get lost. Once I added all the threads it makes it so much easier to quickly check whether I have all that I need for a project. It is VERY handy at home and at the store with the 4 separate categories. Great job! Who would have thought thered be an app for this. :)
Great for a simple list of what I have and what I need to get. Better than paper! But even for .99 doesnt have much in the way of features. Would like project list so I know which project bundle to check for a given colour. Needs the variegated flosses, metallics, etc. They have DMC numbers so should be easy to add, ok to not have the colour indicator if that is a prob. Addition: Ive been using this as a shopping list for years and really like it. But it REALLY needs all of the new variegated numbers.

Some bad moments

This is a great app but sorts rather slow. I use it for my machine embroidery thread. Wish all colors were listed. Too bad all the machine embroidery thread companies dont have this type of app. Anyone who uses DMC thread needs this app
Just finished adding all my floss. Need to have the 4000 series added. Maybe add some blank spots where we can add new or retired thread colors. Love the idea of having this with me when I shop. Also good for starting a new project to see what colors are needed. Wish there was an app for DMC pearl cottons actually need one for all DMC fibers!
I bought this for DMC threads. I like the app a lot, as its helpful in keeping track of the threads I have, what I dont have and what is on my shopping list. My only criticism is that it doesnt cover the metallic threads. Please add this feature to the app. Otherwise, well worth having.
A great idea and very helpful. I have no issues with crashing anymore. No metallic or linen thread listed. Would be nice if there was a spot for shopping lists and project thread listings.
Really handy to have when shopping for floss, BUT - there are missing numbers so there should be a way to include them all or add them ourselves by having blank spots. Should include metallics and ALL variegated including the 4000 series. (103 is missing and it is one of my favorites.) - shopping list would be quite handy as opposed to going through the whole list to find the ones I marked as "need to buy." - should be an easier way to go from lower numbers to high ones. Maybe a subdivision of threads by 100? - how about a project list? Could include name of project and list of what is needed for it, even include a space for linen requirements. (thread count and color and size.) Thanks!
I love this app! Once I figured out how to get my shopping list, I was thrilled!! Please continue to update with the newest threads. Thank you!!